About Us


Aksharlon Jari was incorporated in 2006 inspired by unique advantages of providing high quality of Metallic Yarn with the unique name of "A-LON". We believe in delivering valuable and dependable solutions based on high end technology in the benefit of the textile industry.

Aksharlon Committed to deliver the the best quality products, we give paramount importance to it. We feel proud to say that we are producing the most different colours in the whole world.

The firm is using high quality of machinery in order to maintain the quality of product and because of providing qualitative product its selling is spread all over the world. The motto of firm is to provide "quality, range and economy".

Quality assurance

As a policy, 'Quality Comes First' implements a quality system with the quality and commitment of products to adopt. We use latest and world-class tools in the laboratory to check raw materials and final products.

We try to develop a range of metal yarn which focuses on quality in all respects. Our products are popular in order to follow all the standards applicable to the textile industry and to exceed all standards. To ensure that consumers deliver the best quality products, we examine each unit made in our in-house facility. In this way, we have established an advanced quality control laboratory, where the experiments are performed by imitating, which evaluates to the characteristics of perfect fit, neat stitching, compression resistance and colour stability.


At AKSHAR LON, our focus is to develop jari that are of higher quality as well as affordable to our clients.

We are at the forefront of providing quality material that improves the quality of embroidery work done by machine which help client to have trust in our brands.


Mahatma Gandhi said cleanliness is next to healthiness. Mahatma Gandhi during his lifespan passed message to whole society to keep their city and home clean. Today on the footprint of Mahatma Gandhi our Honourable Prime Minister started a clean Indian mission.

The company is oblige to clean India and also provide clean Environment, security, addiction free and health awakening among the employees. We aim to be a responsible corporate citizen of the country. We strive to meet the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility and to respect local customs and practices.


High Quality :- Aksharlon superb threads add additional texture and details to your design.

Competitive Pricey :- Exquisite thread quality with a fair price.

Awesome Team :- Professional sales offer you efficient solutions to your problem.